For those of you that have heart problems or have loved ones that do

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I keep up pretty much on this stuff. The US and Israel have developed a patch from one's own stem cells that will regenerate heart muscle.

This discovery is one step further and very exciting.

Scientists Use New 'Holy Grail' Gene Therapy to Heal Damage Caused By Heart Attacks and it Could Save Millions

"At present, when a patient survives a heart attack, they are left with permanent structural damage to their heart through the formation of a scar, which can lead to heart failure in the future. Fish and salamander, on the other hand, can regenerate the heart throughout life.

In a new study that was published last week in Nature, however, the team of investigators delivered a small piece of genetic material, called microRNA-199, to the heart of pigs, after a myocardial infarction and the treatment resulted in the almost complete recovery of cardiac function one month later."
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The things that are being accomplished outside the US with stem cells are truly amazing. It take America 100+ years to catch up with the moral and pharmaceutical road blocks in the way.

This is an awesome thing for heart attack survivors though.
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this is certainly very encouraging news. not ready for human tests yet, but getting there. it can't be far off; maybe a few years? i know i am going to need it.
here is the article published in Nature.
from the abstract: "treated animals showed marked improvements in both global and regional contractility, increased muscle mass and reduced scar size." "However, subsequent persistent and uncontrolled expression of the microRNA resulted in sudden arrhythmic death of most of the treated pigs. Such events were concurrent with myocardial infiltration of proliferating cells displaying a poorly differentiated myoblastic phenotype. These results show that achieving cardiac repair through the stimulation of endogenous cardiomyocyte proliferation is attainable in large mammals, however dosage of this therapy needs to be tightly controlled."
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