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Grades: Stanford

October 17, 2017

I know we are ready to move on and look at UCLA, but we have to grade the game. Now normally I would have this done Sunday or Monday, however I waited an extra day because I wanted to rewatch the second half of the game.

No I didn't run a rewatch thread this week. And I don't plan on it. Frankly I'm not sure I will run one until Justin Herbert asserts himself back into the starting lineup, assuming he does.

I was glad however I did rewatch some of the game. Despite throwing down 49 points, the defense didn't play that poorly. I mean it wasn't pretty but it just didn't seem to reflect the score. At least in my mind.

Without further ado, here are my gardes.

Quarterback: F

I'm sorry and I'm not going to pile on Burmeister. But there's not other grade to give here. I was ready to grade him on a curve hoping he had made some strides from week 1 to week 2. But I just didn't see it.

Running Back: B

This was one of the few bright spots from Saturday night. Freeman had a big game and the Ducks rolled up nearly 300 yards on the ground.

I can't really fault this group for putting up 7 points against Stanford. 

Wide Receiver: C+

I hate this grade for them because they're success, or lack thereof, was largely in part of the quarterback play. And there were some receivers open, which is one of their two main jobs.

Still I have a tough time putting anything higher than this based on the numbers.

Tight End: C

They are not getting the ball thrown their direction much at all. Which isn't theirr fault to a degree. But they are blocking well and that includes Cam McCormick along with Breeland. They did well against Stanford in terms of blocking.

Offensive Line: B-

The line wasn't the problem Saturday night. I won't say they can't be a bit better, but when they were not committing penalties, there were lanes for the running backs to hit.

Penalties pulled this down to a B- where I could have probably given them a B+ under normal circumstances.

Defensive Line: B

I think this was Oregon's best performing group on defense. While Stanford rolled up 49 points, this group did a good job limiting Bryce Love and most of the running backs to a degree. There was consistent push and some pressure on the quarterback until the game got away from Oregon completely.

Linebacker: C-

Troy Dye brings this group up into the C's. Jimmie Swain takes it into the F's. This group wasn't especially strong but they weren't all that dynamic either. 

The Ducks need some depth in this group and will face a tall task against a potent UCLA offense.

Defensive Back: D-

Stanford only had 256 pass yards which isn't a huge number. But they averaged 12.2 yards per completion and had 4 receiving touchdowns. The Stanford quarterbacks were a combined 21 for 28 on the night.

Coaches: C

I don't like having to grade the coaches but I will. I'm not really docking a lot of points for lack of offense, I just don't see them being able to do much. The penalties are atrocious and some of that is on them, self admittedly.

The defense got toasted pretty good but they were left on the field for way too much time. Was it a great coaching effort? Probably not the best. But it wasn't awful. A lot of the problems these coaches are facing were not their creation. (Lack of depth)

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