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Position Overview: Quarterbacks

July 14, 2019

The most important position on the roster is manned by one of the best gun-slingers in the country. So for many of you this would be an instant A and an easy grade to make. 

I don’t disagree. 

But I’m going to look at this position (and the others) in three different categories. Not just at the starter (or starters) from the group.

Below I will grade this group as it currently sits on a scale of 1-10 in three areas. 1 is low, 10 is high. It will be a score based on starting group, depth and experience.

So let’s get started with your favorite group, the quarterbacks.

Talent: 10

This might be one of the only 10’s I give out ever. Not just this year. But it isn’t JUST because of Justin Herbert. 

Of course Herbert pulls this grade up significantly on his own. But the fact that Tyler Shough has shown so much improvement really makes this a very solid 2-deep it would appear. 

Now remember this grade is for talent alone. Not depth or experience. Just talent. 

So for that alone, given Herbert and Shough are so dang good, I think a 10 is fair. 

Depth: 7.5

As far as depth goes, this might be one of the better two-deeps in the conference. The problem is it’s only two deep which could be a problem. Let's hope not, but we’ve seen it happen.

Herbert is durable so that’s good news for Oregon fans. And Shough appears ready to contribute if called upon. I don’t want to annoint him a superstar of any caliber yet, but he certainly looks capable of running the offense. 

While Oregon has Cale Millen enrolled early, he doesn’t appear quite ready for the big stage just yet. In today’s football you probably won’t be seeing any more 4-5 deep quarterback rosters as this position has most utilized the transfer portal. 

But I think if you can be a solid two-deep with a couple of developmental guys waiting behind them, you are probably in as good of shape as you can hope for. 

Experience: 9

Obviously heavily propped up by Justin Herbert and his experience. Not only is he a multi-year starter, best of all, he returns his offensive coordinator for a second year. Whether or not you are a fan of Arroyo and the playcalls, this is an important piece for both Arroyo and Herbert. 

While Shough doesn’t have a ton of game experience, he has two Spring games under his belt and two years of practice also with the same OC. 

Again, depth is really the only glaring issue here and even then it’s already a step up from where it’s been. 

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