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Oregon Football

Brady Aiello & Darrian Felix Talk Big Oregon Games

September 11, 2019

On Tuesday Oregon players discussed the win over Nevada.

Two highlights from the game were Brady Aiello scoring a touchdown as a tight end. The second was Darrian Felix breaking off a huge run late in the game giving fans a glimpse of his big play talent.

Both had interesting things to say about thier performances Saturday night. You can read them below or watch the videos which are also included.

On the big touchdown play:

“It was a goal line play; we’re coming up on the 2- or 3-yard-line. Cyrus (Habibi-Likio) runs it and comes up a little short. And sure enough, they call the play. On the sideline, I was like, “OK they might call this, and I’m gonna have to catch the ball.” I was just trying to give myself any sense of confidence to catch the ball. Sure enough they do call it, and everything just so happened to work out.”

On bobbling the ball during the catch: 

“OK, so I stuck the ball, but when I went to tuck it that’s when things got a little sketchy. There’s a couple of angles that really show I did catch that ball for a good second. It was definitely very scary when I bobbled it for a second, but it was just so surreal I didn’t really notice it happening.”

On if scoring a touchdown as an offensive lineman is actually the greatest thing ever:

“I mean, yeah, you can also see it from the reactions from the other offensive linemen. I’m so lucky they had the confidence in me to do that. I never would’ve thought I’d ever be catching a ball in Autzen.”

On the versatility of the offensive line:

“I mean, yeah, you have Calvin (Throckmorton) playing three positions. I guess I’m next playing tight end. I guess we’re pretty versatile, which is pretty great to have on the offensive line.”

On focusing for next week versus Montana: 

“Oh you know, they’re a great team. We’re just going to do the same thing we do every week. A tough Tuesday practice, very physical. Getting ready for hitting and building the foundation for Saturday. Treating it like we would any other week.”

On Coach Alex Mirabal: 

“Coach is just an amazing teacher. I mean, he has a history in teaching. He’s very skilled at just teaching us the game – us the students and him the teacher. He’s very passionate, and he’s very intelligent about the game. He’s been involved around the game for so long. It’s been a pleasure working for him.”

On Rehab last year:

“Just faith in god and my teammates. It’s how my teammates just pick me up, talk with me, and chill with me. Just keep me going. They really help me out”

On who he talked to during his rehab process:

“Taylor the kicker, that’s my dog, he kept me in good spirits. Just to keep grinding and keep going, and it’ll be okay.”

On if scoring against Auburn was a big moment for him:

“I wouldn’t say so. I just do things and expect it. Not to look forward to it, but to just look forward and do your job and great things will happen.”

On if he brings something special to the running back group:

“I mean we all bring something different to the table. CJ you got power and speed. With Travis Dye you got shiftiness and speed, He got power too, nobody has seen it yet. And Cyrus you know is a big power guy. Just me I think I’m a combination of all those guys.”

On the dynamic in the running back room:

“We’re all very close friends. We’re basically brothers, we hang out and watch film with each other every day. We try to keep the group close and no outsiders.”

On running behind one of the best offensive lines in the country:

“It’s just a blessing from heaven. Those guys out there have been together for so many years, and to play behind them and see the open holes that they open up, it’s great.”

On if he’s seen a hole as big as the one he ran through on his touchdown run:

“Definitely not, it parted like the sea.”


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