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Nick Pickett Presser

October 15, 2020

Earlier this afternoon Nick Pickett, Austin Faoliu and Jaylon Redd all spoke to the media. They talked about leadership, deciding to play this upcoming season and some of the young guys that have really left an impression on them.

Here are the highlights from each of their pressers and if you want to watch the full video the links are attached at the bottom.


Safety Nick Pickett:


On Verone McKinley:

He’s taken a big jump as just being the redshirt his freshman year to last year starting the first game from the jump against Auburn. Ever since then he’s just started being vocal on defense. Being vocal within the position group then being vocal within the defense and that’s how it starts with us. This year with seniors leaving he’s had to step up as well and that’s where he gets his voice from.


On his leadership:

I feel like I had great mentors all throughout college. Tyree Robinson my freshman year was the one that really showed me the ropes and just how college football works. How to talk with people throughout the team so throughout all my past 3 years I’ve just had great role models like Troy Dye as well. I feel myself inching up the totem poll a little bit last year as being a leader and I feel like this year is the year I explode and be myself.

On the freshman in the secondary:

Every freshman that comes in comes in hungry regardless of where they see themselves on the depth chart or what the situation is. They all come in hungry with the intent to get better in any way better. I appreciate that from the young guys as well. 


On if he thought about opting out:

No I did not. Before coronavirus and all this even happened I always made a point to myself when I first arrived here that I was going to do all 4 years. Unless something magically came up where I had no choice but to leave but I always had it planned to stay all 4 years here and do my job and bring as much to Oregon as I can. Personally and for the team.

Watch here:


Defensive Tackle Austin Faoliu:


On deciding to opt-in:

One of the main things I was looking at was when the season was going to start and when the season was going to end. I didn’t want to cut into combine training and stuff like that but once we got the set date and when it was going to end I was like that’s a full go and I’m ready to come back. Give it all to my brothers one more time and get ready for that. 


On the younger defensive linemen:

They’re improving greatly. They’re just sitting back and picking at me and Jordon, Popo and Kayvon. They’re just picking at our brains just trying to get little notes that they can get while they’re playing. One thing that I’m seeing with them is their strength. They’re becoming really strong and fast now. They’re more confident in their steps and in the plays. They’re not making as many mental errors as they did last year.


On the defense succeeding with limited practice time:

I feel like the game plan we got going in we’re going to be really good against opposing offenses. Coach Cristobal really hit it on the head with us how a lot of teams haven’t been putting in the work with quarantine and stuff. He said that’s not going to be us and we’re going to play hard nosed football. We’re going to hammer them right down the neck and we’re going to play hard, as hard as we ever did. Coach Avalos with his defense is allowing us to cut it loose and play hard and play violent and not give anything up.


On his weight increasing:

For me it was a personal goal for me and I wanted to solidify my weight and bring it up a little more. So NFL teams could see me as not only a run stopper but also a pass rusher. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just bad weight I was putting on. I wanted to make sure it was also good weight so when NFL teams come knocking they’ll see me as not a slow player.

Watch here:


Wide Receiver Jaylon Redd:


On Coach McClendon:

Right now he’s brought in high expectations when it comes to the receiving room. It’s a lot of experience when it comes to his game and his tier of being in college football and in the NFL. So right now everybody is just taking all the information they can that he has to give and offer us. It’s really just all ears right now and we’re trying to learn from him as much as we can.


On his focus:

My focus is just to go 1-0 everyday. As far as the offense goes I feel like we’re getting everything going and started. It’s looking like a real explosive offense as far as everything going on. It’s a lot of guys working and every guy got tremendously better at every position on the field as of this year from last year. So I feel like this year is going to be a lot of different things and interesting things going on on the offensive side of the ball that people are going to like.


On missing the Rose Bowl:

It was tough for me to miss my Rose Bowl. At the end of the day my team got the win. I had some personal problems and I had to go hangout with the family for a little bit but at the end of the day my team got the Rose Bowl win and my goal for right now is seeing what’s going on for this upcoming season.


On Kris Hutson:

He’s a beast. He’s a beast and a dog as a young man coming in right now as a freshmen. I feel like his mindset is a lot more elevated than others coming in. He’s going to be somebody that’s going to be on that watchlist for coming up and making plays and helping us out this year and in the future.

Watch here:"> 

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