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Monday Press Conferences: Coordinators

November 16, 2020

Oregon showed just how good this team can be when faced with adversity this past weekend. Coordinators Andy Avalos and Joe Moorhead spoke with the media Monday afternoon on Zoom about what they learned from the Washington State game and what they’re going to be working on this week as they prepare to host the UCLA Bruins this week.

Andy Avalos

On assessment of dime package defense

The guys have fun running it. It’s been good to us and we’ll keep working it.

On tackling and WSU game

We have to improve the tackling starting early. We knew that was going to be a challenge with this offense. We need to do a better job of planning it in organized drills and team periods, finsihing every play. 

On approach for talented youth 

We have a lot of those guys playing. That’s where the growth of this process has to continue. Every single day counts as indivuals, as people, how we learn, and the fundamentals on the football field and how we’re executing. 

We’ve gotta lower our strike zone. We’ve had some guys miss games for tackling too high. 

On lack of turnovers

It’s year to year it happens that way. They come in bunches. Good tackling will cause takeaways. Put yourself in position. Sharpening up our fundamentals and it always starts with attacking the quarterback.

On UCLA’s offensive weapons

They use them in different ways. They used the tempo on Sunday. We’re gonna get a bunch of formations that we’re gonna have to line up to. We have to operate in the pre snap with urgency and operate together. 

It’s about playing with urgency, winning our one-on-one battles and everyone doing their job. We want to pick up on and lead off with how we played in the second half last week.

On Jamal Hill 

He’s coming along. He’s a young player that is learning and growing. His care factor is through the roof. His approach to practice every morning, he’s ready to go. 

On Bennett Wliiams 

He’s done an awesome job. For him to be able to do what he’s done in the last game--he flashed and made some great plays. There’s a lot to grow from.

On Noah Sewell’s early impact

You can tell his football intelligence is very very high. Youngs guys have to be mature to handle the process of being in college and playing college football. Noah has those things. We’re excited about where he’s at. He knows there is a lot of improvement to make.

On generating sacks

We can’t get frustrated with the ball coming out quickly. That’s going to happen. We have to continue attacking. Win the one-on-one battles in front of us, make sure our eyes aren’t in the backfield on the quarterback. Keep it simple and not overthink.

On possibly filling in for Steve Stevens 

Happle is going to have to step up again. We have other guys that have done a good job. We’ve had to move around a lot of safeties at practice and a bunch of guys have gotten reps.

On Kayvon Thibodeaux 

He’s becoming an every down play. He made a huge jump from the first week to this last week in the run game. Late in the game he had some great pass rushes. When he does that he’s an explosive player. 

On what Popo Aumavae brings 

We’ve really missed him the past couple of weeks. Guys like Keyon, Kristian and Brandon Dorlus have been able to step up but Popo is a presence in the middle. We’re gonna work as diligently as we can to get him back in the mix while also keeping the other guys involved. We’re excited to get him back.


Joe Moorhead

On turnovers against WSU

There are two big stats that determine the outcome of a game: explosive plays and turnover margin. We’ve hit our explosive play mark in each game. The turnovers are what you could call a statistical outlier. 

It’s something we need to get resolved whether it’s quarterback decision making, some of the ball handling stuff or the ball security. It’s something we certainly need to clean up moving forwad.

On Tyler Shough reading RPO’s

He’s improved from game one to game two. You want to see incremental improvements--particularly for a first-time starter in a brand new offense. I think he would agree that we still have a good ways to go and that’s a positive thing. It means we have room to grow. 

On possibility of preparing for an opponent on short notice

It’d be like drinking water from a fire hose. You’d have to do it. It’d be a ready, aim, fire situation. It’s a situation we hope to avoid. But like Coach (Cristoabl) says no excsuses. If it happens spot the ball and we’ll go play a game.

On Travis Dye’s effectiveness

His speed and versatility. He’s an unbelievable team player. He has the skill set of running between the tackles and catch balls on the perimeter. He’s a very valuable weapon. 

On establishing the line of scrimmage in the 2nd half 

It’s a credit to our linemen, our tight ends, and our guys running the football. It also has a lot to do with the culture of this program. Coach (Cristobal) talks about our fourth quarter program and what it means to our guys. They really believe in that.

The mindset, that mentality, that culture that when it gets to the fourth quarter that we can lean on guys and allow that to take over. I think that’s the biggest thing.

On distributing carries with running backs

Coach Mastro handles that. He has a feel for what for what they run well, for who’s fresh, for who has the hot hand. I call the plays and the back who’s in there is in there and he executes it. We think they’re all capable and we’re confident in all of them.

On smooth transition with offensive line

I think it’s about the talent that we have. It’s about their psyche, approach and mentality. The chip was on their shoulder. Between Coach Cristobal and Coach Mirabal it’s like having two PHD’s in the room at the same time. 

On Devon Williams, Josh Delgado, and Kris Hutson filling in for Mycah Pittman

I thought they filled in very admirably. It’s goes along wtih Coach’s next man philosophy. If someone goes down the person replacing him is going to do as good or better of a job. Our kids don’t flinch they thrive on adversity.

On Tyler Shough

I’ve been very pleased with his approach. That’s a big thing. He puts in all the time that’s necessary--He’s watching the film as soon as it’s available on the computer, extra time with the other position groups.

When someone wants to do it and shows they’re willing to work and they take that to the field and continue to improve---I think the sky’s the limit.

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