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Tuesday Presser: George Moore, Ryan Walk, TJ Bass

April 20, 2021

Following practice Tuesday morning, football sent up a few select student-athletes to talk about practice and the progress of the team in general. 

Media was allowed to ask questions via Zoom to George Moore, Ryan Walk and TJ Bass. 

Here are the top quotes from them. Video will be added shortly.


George Moore

On New Guys:

“With this Spring the newcomers, Kingsley, Jackson and Bram, they took it head on. They’re working their tails off every day. They’re coachable, they ask questions. They’re always seeking help from coaches, players, anyone. 

On OL Chemistry:

“It’s a lot better. We’re working a lot better. We’re trusting each other a lot more. I know I can count on those other four guys. All those guys, Alex, TJ, Ryan, Steve, we’re just bonding more and more every day. It’s getting better and stronger every day.”

On Offense/AB:

“It was crazy a year ago, five new starters, a whole new OC. I feel like AB he took that role head on with Tyler transferring. We didn’t skip a beat. We respect AB enough knowing he’s going to lead us in the right direction.”

On Replacing the 2019 Starting Five:

“It’s hard to replace those five guys. Those guys played a lot of games, they played a lot of snaps. We can try to elevate ourself to those standards when they left for the NFL. We’re different from those 5 guys, we play different. But they left a good standard.”

On TE’s:

“Spencer is working his tail off every day. He’s more open to learning. I see Spencer and Patrick growing a lot. They’re doing pretty well.”

On Penei Sewell:

“If you just say Penei, at the end of that sentence should be greatness. It’s so hard to explain, everything he did, the way he approached the game, the way he changed his body. Just his mindset. I don’t think I’ll ever see a player like that again. He was different.”

On Most Improved:

“I want to say Logan. I feel like this Spring he has stepped up to the plate. Understanding the playbook better. Understanding techniques. He’s like a sponge soaking in all the knowledge he can.”

On Coming Back:

“I already knew I was going to come back. I told coach Mirabal after Iowa State I was going to come back.”


Ryan Walk

On Growth with Full Spring/Offense:

“It’s definitely different. Last year we’d come off some drives and we were wide-eyed. We know what to expect from each other. We know where the standard needs to be. The goal this year is to take the training wheels off of the offense. We’re trying to expand what we did last year. Coach Moorhead is a genius offensive mind. It’s a really good experience as a player.”

On Most Improved:

“There are some guys that have stood out. I think Logan has stood out this Spring. Just seeing him getting his feet wet, now he’s taken some really good steps as a player.”

On Playing w/ Other 2017’s:

“The whole class of 2017 we’ve been through a lot. Starting off 7-6. We had to sit behind guys that are all obviously great players that first year. We’re just trying to elevate the standard.”

On Standouts on DL:

“I think Brandon Dorlus. You saw him in that USC game, he was an animal. I think Popo is not talked about enough. They’ve taken some good steps as players. Keyon and Kristian too.”

On Where he’s Played:

“I’ve played predominantly right guard this Spring. I’ve played a little bit of center too and some left guard.”

On Alex Mirabal:

“He grinds. I get texts from him at 3:30 in the morning. He’s awake. 10:15 at night. He’s awake. He grinds. His level of energy. His focus on technique. He’s the hardest coach I’ve ever had in terms of technique.”

On George Moore’s Age: (Jokes)

“He’s older than our GA, so there’s that.”


TJ Bass

On Adjusting to Eugene:

“It’s been an interesting experience to go through. I was here January to March before it all got started and then I got sent home. It’s been good.”

On Playing in Autzen:

“It was awesome. That was my first appearance in Autzen with any type of fans. It was special and a great time.”

On Chosing Oregon:

“It was a big deal for me to stay close to home I feel like. So somewhere on the West coast. It felt like a family here.”

On Bonding w/ teammates - Staying Connected During Covid-19:

“When I came on my official visit here, Alex (Forsyth) and Ryan (Walk) were the ones that showed me around. They helped tremendously with the chemistry we built. It made it a lot tougher, we were on Zoom a lot when we were all back home.”

On Improvements this Year:

“Honing in my footwork and hands especially in the run game. My second step, I need to bring that more aggressive forward.”


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